View Full Version : Adding more than one Neon Lights Text

06-05-2003, 11:18 PM
I could do with some really help, in real simple terms. I am trying to add more than one Neon Lights Text to my web page. I want to do this several times on one page.
I have a home grown, (Via front page, I still don't know more than a couple of things about HTML, as front page had done all I have needed up until now).
I want to add Neon Text reading 'Just Added', each time I add a new item, which could be 10 items plus on one page at a time.
How can I do this. I can get the one to work, but if I try to add 2 on the same page, it all goes wrong..........................
bodys and tags and headers etc, are still way above my head. So if someone can direct me, very simply I would really love to know.
I copied the text from www.dynamicdrive.com.
Many thanks for listening.
Every hopeful.