View Full Version : Help writing one page summary of an idea for $25?

12-10-2010, 06:51 AM

I have an idea for a new king of search engine. Need to write a summary in order to show possible investor. But my English and web skill both very poor. If you can help me for a little cash plus future share if succeed, please read the thread for details of the idea.

Thanks in advance!

12-11-2010, 06:02 AM
How about help one page like this:

This is a new search engine's summary. We offer a better way to search the web.

Google search – result pages are a list of website descriptions with links. You click one you picked, wait the site to load, see the site, if you don’t like it, click back to result page, pick another site link to click, wait it to load. Repeat this again and again, you might take many clicks and waits to find what you want.

Hahagle search – result pages are a list of website full size screenshots. You see the top ranked website instantly. If you don’t like it, use scroll bar to see any following websites instantly. When you find the site you want, click the screenshot, wait for the site to load, you are there. You clicked only once to find what you want.

How we index our search result?

Collect top 300 ranked websites from google, delete double listed sites, take a full size screenshot of each site.


We don't put ads on homepage or any result pages. Two ways to generate revenue. Plus to help clean the net.

1. Put a navigation bar called courtesy ad on every page, if click it a whole page ads will come out.

2. Use a Java script called leavead, when users leave any page, a drop down window will show ads. It is not pop up ads.

Both ways, we can put full page ads without using real web space. Web publishers might want to try our ads. If they can make more money than using adsense, their sites will be ad free.


12-13-2010, 03:03 AM

I can complete this for you. Do you have a messenger client we could discuss this on?