View Full Version : XMLHttpRequest/Microsoft.XMLHTTP Confusion

12-08-2010, 09:01 PM
Alright, so I've been writing a plain javascript file, which is called by HTML later to grab information from a certain page and then parse through that information. This is being done as a Windows Gadget, so the "browser" is IE.

I have two main problems with this: One is caching. I can't get not caching to work at all. I've tried headers and I've tried putting something random at the end of the URL. The randomness at the end of the URL works when done from an HTML file embedded with Javascript but will not work from a pure Javascript file.

My other, potentially bigger, problem is that the xmlhttp object does not seem to ever want to open again. I'm pretty sure what's happening is it doesn't get back into ready state 4. That is, unless I run an html file that accesses the same url. Then, suddenly, the gadget runs its update function and it actually decides to work. The gadget still runs the update function otherwise but it doesn't actually do anything, which is I believe caused by it never getting back to ready state 4 on its own.

I appreciate any help on this, and if I didn't explain anything clearly I'm more than happy to clarify.