View Full Version : delete from DB using/linq/lamda expressions

12-08-2010, 11:29 AM
hi guys :) :cool:

im currently trying to learn/understand how to delete/insert/update a simple database using a lamba expression via my web service

this is not a live service this is just hobby learning and i have only been doing c# for a few months lol :/

i currently have a web service working that when run will send a list of films from one service to another encrypted

what im wanting to do is add some functions that firstly enable me to delete 1 film title then one to insert a film title then one to update a title

i have this following bit of code for the delete part:

public bool DeleteFilm2(int fid) {
try {
Film.Delete(x => x.FilmId == fid);
return true; }
catch (Exception) {
return false;

i have to be honest i dont even know where to start lol ::):thumbsup::eek:

heres is a screenshot of the solution tree