View Full Version : Issue with autocomplete(ajax)-can't load more than one value in autocomplete box

12-06-2010, 08:32 AM
Hello friends...

I am working on php...
I am using autocomplete field in my form..
Issue with that autocomplete is, it can't load more than one value in that field...
for eg:-
i have a form for email sending..
where i do have to send message to multiple receiver ..
so i have given one autocomplete field where contact is populated from database..

But my requirement is to select multiple contact in same autocomplete box..
For that i have manipulated my autocomplete.js file
but i am not getting expected result..
i achieved multiple Contacts name in that autofill by comma separating..
but i failed to store their Contact ID in autocomplete hidden text field as as any normal autocomplete does...

plz kindly give me your valuable suggestion or any alternative for populating more than one value in single autocomplete field with storing their identification no. in hidden text field..

thanking you..