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12-01-2010, 02:53 AM
Hello, I am trying to build a small web page to display a Java Applet and an AVI movie that I made for a game project. I haven't written much HTML code before and this is my first time trying to host a game or movie on a web site.

For hosting I am using the SSH Secure Client System and a web space provided by my school. My HTML code is in index.html and my movie and java class files are in the same directory.

When I run my page off of my computer, it works perfectly, (except that my video does not display on Firefox) but when I upload the page neither the video or applet display.

Here is my website:

and here is my HTML code:

<title>Tarn Rescue</title>
<link rel ="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" />

<h1>Tarn Rescue!</h1>

<h2>Intro Video</h2>

<P align=center>
<EMBED src="TarnMovie2.avi" width=1200 height=700 type=video/avi loop="false" repeat="true" autostart="true">

<h2>Java Game</h2>

<APPLET CODE = "TarnMain.class" WIDTH = 1200 HEIGHT = 700>

<p>Use WASD to move your curent Unit<br>
Use Space To Fire<br>
Use CTRL to change units<br>
Select Units with Left Mouse + Drag<br>
Order Selected units with Right Click<br>
Game Code, Implementation, Video, and Art - Colton Hash<br>
Button Interface, testing and balance - Robert Martin<br></p>


I would like to display future projects on this site, so I would appreciate any help in getting this figured out!

12-04-2010, 01:35 AM
Hey, if anyone is interested I got help and found out what was wrong.

For my file locations in my Java code, I was using \\ to separate folders, definitely didn't know that websites must use / instead.

Never got the video to work though, but I just used the embedded code from vimeo instead.

Anyway, the applet is on this website now:
(continue through the links to get to the game)