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11-23-2010, 02:53 AM
A few problems here. First off I have a jquery function for loading links from the left to the content div on the right as well as it applying a class of active to that anchor link's list item parent. I didn't know but there was already a function for adding that class in one of files included with the template (js/titanium.js) however when I take off the added class that I created it doesn't apply the prebuilt function from the titanium.js file. I see that they are including on the template file the jquery script and the other included javascript files at the bottom of their page but for the jquery scripting to work don't you have to include the files before you do any functions with it? I guess what I'm saying is I want to include the files which I do have included but just to use those functions with my added anchor link click even to go to the content div.

Another issue is the on the template file there is a jquery sortable function for the table also included in another file and I'm not sure why its not working on my table however if I have that sortable table will it still properly work with a pagination coding I have for the file as well?

One more added thing is on my admin panel say I click the Add New button what do I need to do say that it will get the addtemplate.php file and put it into the innerContent div without messing up my prior anchor link function?

My Admin Panel

Template File Used