View Full Version : Popup using flash as content, and wmode feature, having different problems in browers

11-20-2010, 04:45 AM
well i am having this annoying issue from previous 3 months and its a very long story to tell but i will try to make it small, well i am interested in using a popup to show flash games in it, so i did then my interest went to make all games playable in full screen so i did that too and got success, but i am facing issues due to wmode, if you visit my this site link
and click on play game for other browsers while using google chrome browser, you will see the error there will be blocks appearing in the game, while if click on play for google chrome
then this error is not there, its just because of WMODE, for google chrome button i am using wmode while for all other browsers i am not doing this.
the reason for not using wmode to my other browser play button is that if i add wmode to the games then the performance of the game is highly damaged in fireforx and internet explorer, and also to some extent in other browsers including google chrome.
it is that i want to get rid of this wmode=opaque thing as it makes the game slow even in google chrome which is effecting game playing quality, i used window,transparent too
but nothing good came out of it.
Only google chrome is asking for the wmode, while our step child internet explorer is happy with it, hehehehe
Please someone help me out i am literally taking out my hair, lol
some more information i would like to provide so that things work fast, i am using blogger blog, i have knowledge of html,xhtml,css, and for java or jquery its hint and trial.
thanks for reading the long story and giving me time,
if you can help please help me out, and i don't have money to pay for your service of help, otherwise why would i try to make blog xD.
thank you

11-20-2010, 04:46 AM
and i forgot to tell one thing to see the damaged quality of game
first play this game named starisland, its on the home page, i am not allowed to post link by this forum, hehehe
play this game in mozilla firefox using the other browsers button
and then play it in chorme using google chrome button
then you will be able to identify the difference, it hangs