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11-19-2010, 01:16 PM
1) Project Details:

I require a programmer to create an online CD registration page.

Purchasers of a product go online and enter their email address etc. and unique USER ID (derived from their hard drive serial number - possibly using GetDiskSerial.DLL) and in real time receive an automatically created unique USER KEY. This enables them to access the product. This is a one-time only registration process (unless the hard drive changes).

If a purchaser supplies an email address which has already requested more than a specified number of USER KEYS, the page refers the email address to the supplier.

2) Payment Amount:

Please quote.

3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?):

Negotiable. Soon.

4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders):

Happy to discuss various ideas.



11-25-2010, 01:42 PM
Are you still needing someone to do this job ?

11-26-2010, 08:59 AM

I would love to help you. But are you still looking someone for your project ? If you are, So please contact me with the more details about your project. You can feel free to contact me on: priya.bizarredesigns@gmail.com

11-26-2010, 10:50 AM
Hi, I work for BlazeVideo (http://www.blazevideo.com/) now, can I apply for your job as part-time?