View Full Version : css doesn't apply to field id that uses java calender

11-19-2010, 12:38 AM
I'm going through the fields and applying margins to them in order to get a privacy option radio box set to line up correctly. It's all working fine, outside of the date fields that utilize a java script to popup a calender.

This shows in the page source head regarding this:

$("#cb_dob").parent().each( function() { $(this).html( $(this).html().replace(/^(?:([^<]*<input [^>]*)(type="?text"?)([^>]*)>)|(?:([^<]*<input [^>]*)([^>]*)>)/i,'$1$4 type="hidden" $3$5>') ); }).children("#cb_dob").after( cbcalDateHtml('cb_dob', false, 'MM/DD/YYYY', '03/16/1977', 'cb_dob', '',1,1900,2036));

The field id I'm trying to add the margin to is cb_dob.
I added the following css just like I have to all of the other fields but nothing happens:
#cb_dob {
#mypanel #cb_dob {

Is there something special I have to do to these fields in order to get the css to apply to them?