View Full Version : internet explorer issues

11-18-2010, 06:31 AM
Hi I have finished coding the below site


and it looks great in everything other than internet explorer, I have even written conditional styling, but it still hasn't fixed a lot of the bugs.

If anyone could give some feedback it would be greatly appreciated.


11-18-2010, 08:25 AM
I'd recommend you to restart everything from the beginning and use semantic html (http://boagworld.com/technology/semantic-code-what-why-how), without ending up in divitis (http://csscreator.com/divitis).

For example, use an unordered list to make your navigation elements and put a span and a anchor nested inside it. Then split your square bracket image into two and apply the left piece on the span and the right piece on anchor. Setting up a huge line-height and a right-birder to the list-items and an absolute position to the wrapper <ul> will give you the result!