View Full Version : php bit more dynamic and clever?

11-16-2010, 08:25 PM

im fairly new to php and ive recently started building my own image gallery so i can effectively store and search my ever growing photo collection and i got just two quick queries I was wondering if anyone could help me with?

Im using mysql for my DB and the image ID is what im renaming the jpg images.

1, uploading of a picture using normal web form input field to upload, as i cant think of any other easy way of doing this at the moment?

what i would ideally like to do is once the image has been selected then it gives you a preview next to the field so you can double check it is the correct image that you have selected.

maybe this would prove more useful if i were to later on read a folder on the pc to mass upload?

2, keywords/searching ? i know i need to use a many to many relationship when creating the database tables, but im left wondering what is the best way to actually 'tag' these images with keywords and from a user/admin point of view how can i make it easy/manageable to maintain ?

i had initially thought of using tick boxes which could be dynamically created by looping through the keyword table and then the user could select/submit the keywords associated to the shown image. The other option i had considered was a multi-select drop down box - but it seemed to be more messy and less user friendly.

does anyone have any thoughts on the above project/problems im presented with?