View Full Version : Firefox - Text box won't accept focus

Oct 31st, 2010, 06:58 AM
I have a simple form with a text box that is defined by CSS. On machine A, the only way to get the text box to accept focus is to approach it from below and click just as the pointer turns to an I-Beam. If I move the pointer into the text box without clicking, the I-Beam disappears and the pointer re-appears.

Next to the text box is a submit button. It behaves similarly in that I must approach it from the bottom so that it turns blue and will accept a click.

This occurs on either monitor (both 1920X1080)

On machine B, the text box and submit button work exactly as they should.

Both machines are running W7 Ultimate, Firefox 3.6.12 and all monitors are 1920X1080.

Internet Explorer works fine on both machines. Firefox handles all other text-boxes as it should on the problem machine.

Oh, and the problem only occurs when the page is served by the remote server. The text box behaves normally when the page is served locally.

Is an exorcism called for?