View Full Version : Resolved I Need Help with Adding a Wrap Border Background Image in PHPbb3

10-30-2010, 03:26 AM
This is what I did:
I added a background border image for wrap in the common.css with 3 images (top, center, bottom).

Here's what I did: I just copied 3 time the wrap block in css and call them wrapT, wrapB, and wrapC then I change image url and indicated my top, center and bottom image, repeat etc..

Then in overall_header.html in front of my div wrap I added 3 more div with wrapT, wrapC and wrapR and 3 close div(</div>) in overall_footer.html right before the </body> tag.

As you can see it's not working right for me. It did not wrap. And my overflow: hidden still don't work for the center image. Please help