View Full Version : How do I link lightbox to a .jpg?

Allan Poe
Oct 20th, 2010, 02:36 AM
Alright, maybe someone can help me with this.

I've got some thumbnails connected to the "Swap Image" behavior
in dreamweaver. The thumbnails when clicked display a large image.

Now I'm trying to setup the lightbox effect so when someone
clicks on the large image lightbox opens.

The difficulty I'm having is locating and attaching the lightbox script to the Greed.jpg image.

Here's the code.

<img src="Images/Thumbnails/7D1.jpg" alt="" name="thumb_01" width="74" height="74" class="TNPositioning2" id="thumb_01" onclick="MM_showHideLayers('caption1','','hide','caption2','','show','caption3','','hide','caption4','','hide ','caption5','','hide','caption6','','hide','caption7','','hide')" onmousedown="MM_swapImage('photo_large','','Images/Greed.jpg',1)" />

For clarity towards the end you'll see my image "Greed.jpg" That's the image I'm trying to attach the lightbox link to.

I'm a bit inexperienced with coding. I need the <a href link and rel="lightbox" attribute to be connected to that Greed.jpg image.

Thanks anyone.