View Full Version : complicated linking issues

10-12-2010, 12:10 AM
First, I think I need to show you what I'm trying to accomplish:

1) Go to: http://eataustineat.com/testfolder/index.php
2) Type in a 'd' into the search box
3) Select the first result, Dog Almighty
4) Click the "Something!" tab in the row of tabs above the results listings.

You should notice information corresponding to the item you selected. The list of results and the displaying of the associated information is queryed using SQL and ajax controls the displaying of the information in the div "results2" (under the "Something!" tab).

I need for the coda-slider over to the something tab automatically when i link is selected, but this is not happening because of an asyncronus javascript issue (that's the best way I can summerize it.)

How do I fix this problem, or am I going about this entirly wrong?