View Full Version : Javascript Conflict with 2 scripts - Help please...!

Oct 8th, 2010, 06:59 PM
Hi there, If someone could help with a jscript issue I'd be very grateful! I have two scripts for different sections on a page which I'm placing in the head, but are in conflict and I just can't seem to get them to work together.

Both are as follows and any help would be appreciated (possibly highlighting in bold where a change could be made):

<script type="text/javascript">
function updatesubcat() {
$category = $('topcat').options[$('topcat').selectedIndex].value;
if ($category.match(' redir')) {
window.location.href='/<%=server.HTMLEncode(Session("PublicFranchiseName"))%>/' + $category.replace(' redir','') + '.html';
} {


<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {

//Execute the slideShow, set 4 seconds for each images


function slideShow(speed) {

//append a LI item to the UL list for displaying caption
$('ul.slideshow').append('<li id="slideshow-caption" class="caption"><div class="slideshow-caption-container"><h3></h3><p></p></div></li>');

//Set the opacity of all images to 0
$('ul.slideshow li').css({opacity: 0.0});

//Get the first image and display it (set it to full opacity)
$('ul.slideshow li:first').css({opacity: 1.0});

//Get the caption of the first image from REL attribute and display it
$('#slideshow-caption h3').html($('ul.slideshow a:first').find('img').attr('title'));
$('#slideshow-caption p').html($('ul.slideshow a:first').find('img').attr('alt'));

//Display the caption
$('#slideshow-caption').css({opacity: 0.7, bottom:0});

//Call the gallery function to run the slideshow
var timer = setInterval('gallery()',speed);

//pause the slideshow on mouse over
function () {
function () {
timer = setInterval('gallery()',speed);


function gallery() {

//if no IMGs have the show class, grab the first image
var current = ($('ul.slideshow li.show')? $('ul.slideshow li.show') : $('#ul.slideshow li:first'));

//Get next image, if it reached the end of the slideshow, rotate it back to the first image
var next = ((current.next().length) ? ((current.next().attr('id') == 'slideshow-caption')? $('ul.slideshow li:first') :current.next()) : $('ul.slideshow li:first'));

//Get next image caption
var title = next.find('img').attr('title');
var desc = next.find('img').attr('alt');

//Set the fade in effect for the next image, show class has higher z-index
next.css({opacity: 0.0}).addClass('show').animate({opacity: 1.0}, 1000);

//Hide the caption first, and then set and display the caption
$('#slideshow-caption').slideToggle(300, function () {
$('#slideshow-caption h3').html(title);
$('#slideshow-caption p').html(desc);

//Hide the current image
current.animate({opacity: 0.0}, 1000).removeClass('show');