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09-08-2010, 07:09 PM
I'm looking for recommendations on a solution mostly for java, but also for php and .net.

I have requirements that I would like the solution to meet - but I don't have time to wade through all the thousands of cms solutions out there. If you want a brief of the requirements for the cms i'm looking for to recommend to my colleagues around town or elsewhere (at least the people I know around town are also looking for something 'better'), (please refer to my comment below)

You can either post a reply there or here on this forum, either is ok. Thanks again for your input and ideas on what cms solution is out there that I can use..

09-09-2010, 06:41 PM
Here are the requirements for a cms solution, particularly in java and .net, that I am still looking for:

1. It needs to be able to easily allow for regular users to edit content, add at least html content without losing things like js and css, and add/remove pages, menus, etc.
2. It needs to be able to serve up different content for the following situations, for example – same page in different languages, different pages for other requirements like different countries, different franchises, or basically a different category of user.
3. It needs to be able to install easily on a server, without requiring this server-within-a-server model. In other words, it needs to allow the programmer to program the entire site like they normally would, and the cms just integrates with it.
4. It doesn’t necessarily need to be able to accomplish seo-friendly url’s, but that is a plus. If it can satisfy this requirement with manual server configuration, that is ok..
5. It needs to be something that you know to accomplish the objective – allow the user to edit content without the assistance of a programmer or technology team or individual. Even if the programmer needs to provide a tutorial or directions on how to accomplish this to a user, that is what I’m after..
6. All I’m looking for is solutions for the following programming environments – Java, PHP, and .NET.

If you have found one that can satisfy most or all of these strict requirements, please respond with links - I've already posted wordpress as a cms for php, as I took the time to look at it and found it can satisfy all requirements...

Thank you for your time and information..