View Full Version : Explorer => div shifts

09-07-2010, 04:14 PM

Compare this part of my homepage in Firefox
(css file = http://helpmeout.atspace.com/css/flexdropdown.css )

with IE
(css file = http://helpmeout.atspace.com/css/flexdropdown-ie.css )

When in Firefox, everything is ok. That is, the div containing "ABOUT THE PAGE" is at the same horizontal place as the div with "text text text"

However, when starting up Internet Explorer, the bottom div moves a pixel or two to the left. When resizing the browser window, the text div moves to its right place.
I have tried to change the css file so that the bottom div is positioned right from the beginning, but then I can't move the browser window.

How do I fix this problem in Internet Explorer?