View Full Version : First Time trying to use AJAX

Alex B
08-30-2010, 03:37 PM
I'm designing my site at the moment and want to include some photos (500 x 331 pixs). I've seen a few sites with image galleries where when you choose to view the next image it will load in the same space as the previous photo without the page reloading, I'm not sure if AJAX is the right thing for it, but I'm just looking for the simplest way to achieve it without the page refreshing when going onto the next image.

I think it's done using AJAX Javascript or something similar but have been unable to find any tutorials which deal specifically with this although I'm sure there are many (links would be greatfully received). I want to be able to navigate through them with arrows, or a row of numbers or something simlar and straight forward.

similar to these:

I'm using Dreamweaver, and have been working mainly in the design and split views so don't know too much about coding, but I was hoping to find prehaps a few lines of script that I might be able to paste in and edit to make this, as the rest of the page is all done. I don't really want to use a pre made gallery plug-in if I can help it.

Thanks for any help.