View Full Version : uncaught exception [object Object]? - will pay $10 via PAYPAL to helper!

Aug 29th, 2010, 07:57 PM
I can't get any info from Firebug except that one line, uncaught exception [object Object]. The code fully worked, then I needed to make it dynamically create Sortables from the scriptaculous library based on how many X were in a table in my database, which I've done, and I'm thinking it may be a simple slight parse error of some type, I'm not too good with Javascript, because now my script barely works. I've double checked the script's source code, the PHP variables are exactly what they should be.

Sortable.create('sortlist$box', { tag: 'img', overlap:'horizontal',constraint:false, containment: $list, dropOnEmpty: true,
onChange: function(item) {
var list = Sortable.options(item).element;

if(changeEffect) changeEffect.cancel();
changeEffect = new Effect.Highlight('changeNotification', {restoreColor:"transparent" });

onDrop: function(item) {
var thing=Sortable.options(item).element.identify();

var anchors = document.getElementById(thing).childNodes.length-2;

if(anchors > 20){
alert('This box had 20 creatures in it already, your last action has not been saved.');

new Ajax.Request("saveImageOrder.php", {
method: "post",
parameters: { data: Sortable.serialize("sortlist$box") }




if you solve this I'll send ya $10 via paypal :)