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08-27-2010, 04:19 PM

I am a newbie here, thanks for the great forum.

I like to know how to add a data stream to a AVI or a MPEG video file, which will render clickable links to objects in that video, something like hotspots for images, but the only difference is videos.

I know this is possible in FLV, but i like to know if there is any application or sdk which allows us to do this on AVI, MPEG, MOV files. In QuickTIme as well this is possible with panoramas, but panaromas are not running videos, but stitched together image files.

So i like to know if there is a techonology out there which i can create a overlay over a existing video file so that any player can interpte the links correctly and once clicked will take it to the right webpage.

Any links or help on the right direction will be of immense help.

thank you in advance