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08-26-2010, 09:33 AM
This may seem a long shot, but 5 years ago I found a script that had everything (not just alpha, etc, but everything). I have looked at Jquery validation and while it is robust, many of the examples were bugged.

I am no coder, and I feel like I may be torched here for wasting precious space. However, I was really hoping you all could point me in a right direction. Perhaps if not java, with something else. Paid, Donate, Free. Anything.

(The only script I have on form now is just Auotab next/prev plugin for jquery)

Function required:

Inline on change/next type matching (confirm email/pw fields)
basic formatting (numeric only, alpha with spaces, etc)
Basic validation of email type expressions, etc
Required fields, etc

However, I would love to take it a step further

Email: Checks for valid TLD
Password: sctricter requirements
Phone: Requires legitimate values (not just numeric); ie: 201-999, no 555, 411,611,911, etc
Date of birth: Checks valid ranges of dates entered; checks min/max age requirement
Possible real time database or web services checks (which would be ajax, etc im sure)
custom number values (ie, for credit cards, number must be xxxx-xxxx (not 0000-1111-2222-3333
Any other possible logical info, for instance, Name not in badnames list (like Fred Flinstone, IP Freely, or other Cuss words/phrases)

Yes, I know most of these would wind up as a server side reject on the submit page, where we could possibly recapture the data. However, that type of method typically lowers conversions.

Yes, there is the Jquery plugin, and with knowhow, you can make it do this, however I dont have the knowhow and would rather donate/pay for something already out of the box.

The use for this would be contact forms, profile forms, info requests, sales pages,

08-26-2010, 01:49 PM
A start:


08-27-2010, 06:07 AM
JavaScript form validation:

JavaScript Form Validation : quick and easy (http://www.javascript-coder.com/html-form/javascript-form-validation.phtml)

# Password: sctricter requirements
# Phone: Requires legitimate values

use regular expressions: