View Full Version : Trying to get my CSS design into a webstore.. can this even be done...??

08-21-2010, 01:56 PM

Thanks again to everyone (esp met) for helping me with cooding my design in CSS and WITHOUT tables (yay)!!

The design i now have coded is for a web shop.

I don't know if anyone here has heard of it, but the store I'm trying to intergrate my design into is ProStores. They are an eBay company and you are able to fully customize the default design. Now this is where the initial problem starts....

"A three column layout is simple once you understand how Prostores stitches your templates together and where to split them up so they get assembled correctly. Header code, page code, footer code.

Image an HTML table with 3 rows and 3 columns, numbered from top to bottom, left to right. (Your site is CSS, I'm just using the table for a visual) Cells 1,2,3,4 are all the Header code. Cell 5 is the content of your page (HomePage, Product Detail, Product List, etc.), and cells 6,7,8,9 are all Footer Code.

So your left column needs to be in the Header (Cell 4), your right column in the Footer (Cell 6). The key is to make sure that the start of the code for Cell 5 is in the header and the end of it is in the Footer.

************************************************** ***********

<!-- Start Header Template -->
<div id="topNavigation">Website Header Code Etc</div>
<div id="mainBody">
<div id="leftColumn"></div>
<div id="centerColumn">
<!-- End Header Template -->

<!-- Main Page Content -->

<!-- Start Footer Template -->
<div id="rightColumn"></div>
<div id="lowerNavigation"></div>
<!-- End Footer Template -->

Here's how I would setup a CSS layout for 3 columns using Prostores. The code in red is all in the Header Template, the code in blue is all in the Footer template. The start of the "centerColumn" element is in the Header, and it ends in the footer. The <!-- main page content --> is where Prostores will display the code of the requested page, such as Homepage, Product Detail etc.. "

THE PROBLEM IS.. the order of my divs in the HTML are left column div, right column div, center column div, INSTEAD of thr right column div being after the center column div.

I'm assuming the right column div is before the center div in my design for a very good reason and to keep the column layouts intact. But does this mean I can't intergrate my CSS design into ProStores in the format they suggest? Is there a way round this?

Thanks, James