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Aug 21st, 2010, 02:57 AM
Hello everyone!

Here is my cute little book blog: http://book-quotes-blog.blogspot.com/ (http://book-quotes-blog.blogspot.com/)

You will notice on the right sidebar, I have added three "Link List" gadgets (SEARCH BOOKS BY AUTHOR, SEARCH BOOKS BY TITLE, and SEARCH BOOKS BY GENRE).
They are all set as "hidden" until you click on the icon (the little white rectangle with three horizontal lines) to "show" them. To do this, I followed the instructions found here (http://cumulus.nitecruzr.net/2006/12/adding-cumuluslinklist-code-into-your.html).

But probably what you notice MOST is that the padding refuses to hide for SEARCH BOOKS BY TITLE (even when the page first loads and all the widgets are set to "hidden").
This probably got messed up when I told the "show" state to float above the sidebar, to allow for longer book titles.
I can't set the padding to 0px because I need room for the edges of the div's background image. Can someone please help me fix this?

Also, I can't figure out how to hide/show multiple divs. I need to do this because I am going to place two new divs inside the LinkListDisplay2 div.
I need a top and bottom background image to make all the edges have that special border/shadow (and I already know it is impossible to have more than one background image).

In addition to the two problems in red above, I would also like for the widget div to hide if you click anywhere else on the page.
This is probably an impossible request, but I expect the list of books to get quite long, so it would be annoying to have to scroll back up to the "hide" button if you were at the bottom.

I would appreciate any help. I'm definitely not an expert on the subject... I don't understand javascript at all, and only know enough basic html to make things look semi-pretty =]
The code for the template is too long to post here, so let me know if you think you can fix this and I will send it to you.
Also let me know if this sounds complicated enough to require compensation. I really have no clue how hard all of this is to do...

Thanks in advance!

Aug 30th, 2010, 07:30 AM
Is there a reason why no one has responded? I am willing to pay for this fix! (Hopefully that is allowed here)

Aug 30th, 2010, 10:45 AM
The problem is that you are not hiding the div, only the text.

And instead of generating the text-content of the div you can put it directly into the div as html.

And change the onclick-commands:

javascript:hideLinklist(x) and javascript:showLinklist(x)

where x is the number of the list (1 for LinkList1, 2 for LinkList2 and 3 for Link List3)

And then add style="display:none" to the divs
Then you can put this script into the head of the document, to hide/show the content:

function hideLinklist(num) {
obj = document.getElementById('LinkListDisplay'+num);
function showLinklist(num) {
obj = document.getElementById('LinkListDisplay'+num);

And delete the scripts between the divs