View Full Version : Add left padding or absolute position to HTML/CSS site HELP!!!

08-18-2010, 09:04 PM
I need some help. I am a beginner, so bear w me. I bought a dreamweaver template, modified it and posted the www.grooming-tails.com website. The owner doesn't like how the body text and photos (in the center table) moves (dynamically) over the poodle's nose and the #1 circle graphic on the left side of each page (when you pull/shrink the browser window to the left.). I have tried inserting "position: absolute; left: 200px;" in several places and making the left padding 200px, but I can't seem to figure out how to affect just the center table on each page. Essentially, I want a "left-padding" of 200px or anchor/absolute position the left side so that the photos and text don't ever overlap the poodle's nose and #1 graphic.

I need to make the revision pretty quickly and don't know the best approach. (HTML inline? or CSS?) Can you tell/teach me the best way to do this? I am clueless and desperate!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!