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08-11-2010, 09:38 PM
im gonna be having some tourneys and stuff and i will need an anti cheat, please let me know if this is possible and how much it would cost.

First Feature: Most cheat programs for Crossfire use an Injector that inject a .dll file (the actual cheat) into the game. These cheats range from character editing, memory editing, and more. Examples: Character chams (able to see all players through walls to know where they are), Aimbot, No bullet spread, No weapon recoil, etc. We would like the anti-cheat to be able to scan for these types of files (files trying to be injected into the game) upon initial startup and continuously throughout the game, and eliminate those programs from being injected, or prevent the cheat programs any access to the game. By simply preventing the programs, it makes it easier on us to manage cheaters for the league. In the end, we want as many players as possible. Being able to simply prevent the programs from being injected/used eliminates our headache as admins for worrying about a ban system. Players are simply "forced" to play cheat free, whether their intention was to cheat or not.

Second Feature: Along with the active scanning and program blocking, I would also like in-game screenshots to be taken and e-mailed automatically to a specified e-mail address (Given by Admins before the start of the match). These screenshots must be taken at random intervals (Between the times of 15 seconds and 1 minute). The reason for this is, with set intervals, players may be able to figure those intervals out and we don't want that to happen. This feature must be coded in a such way that it causes as little FPS(Frames-per-second) lag as possible.

User interface: Upon starting up the Anti-Cheat, users must be able to enter the following information:
1) Username (In-game name)
2) Screenshot e-mail address (Provided to players by Admins)
3) Match ID (A way to uniquely identify the match played)
Once all the information is entered, there must be a "Start" button. However we do not want a "Stop" button. We want to eliminate the option for the player, so we can ensure that the anti-cheat was run. Simply, upon exiting the game, the ACS will stop automatically.

- With this information, the screenshots will be taken as specified, then e-mailed to the specified e-mail address in the following manner: (All times will be in EST timezone)

- Subject Line: Username - Match ID: User started anti-cheat
- Body: A notification the user started the anti-cheat (Time)
- Subject Line: Username: Match ID: Screenshot # (Time-stamped)
- Body: The screenshot with a time-stamp (if possible)
- Subject Line: Username - Match ID: User stopped anti-cheat
- Body: A notification the user stopped the anti-cheat (Time)
- Along with the screenshots, other notifications must be e-mailed as well, such as if the program found a cheat program. It simply compiles an auto-notification and sends the e-mail like the screenshots:
- Subject: Username - Match ID
- Body: Cheat program has been found. Game has been closed down, client and game must be restarted.

We are open to suggestions as to how the anti-cheat is run. We simply thought this would be the easiest way possible. If you have any other ideas, from a coding stand point, please don't hesitate to post that as well with your bid. Keep in mind, this is going to be ongoing. You as the coder will get admin status on the gaming website as well as due credit for the anti-cheat. Regular updates will be needed.

i took this off an OLDER post on these forums, credit goes to fallen.

10-17-2010, 05:56 AM
Still looking? If so, please email me gslawdog @ gmail . com