View Full Version : Question about text fields; text entry to text display code

Aug 10th, 2010, 01:52 AM
I am more a graphics person than a coding person, but I do know extremely basic html/css.

Essentially, I want one page to have a text entry form, and after hitting enter, the text displays on the next page as I want it to (ie, in a specific font, size etc.) Also, to have examples of text that a user could enter, so if the user were to click on it, it would automatically enter that text by taking them directly to the next page.

I am sure I am explaining it much more complicated than it is... I just had no idea how to go about searching it. I can draw up some sketches if that would help. But I guess you could think of it like Twitter: you enter your text, and it displays on another page.

I hope someone can help! Thanks a lot!