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08-06-2010, 08:25 PM
Hi everyone..

Here is my website : http://battlestation.info/home/index.php

As you can see im working on the css, but im stuck and need your help.

Look about halfway down the page there is 3 usernames and avatars, they are going below one another and i need them to go beside one another and across the black box. (I know, Basic but i just cant get it lol)

Here is the html and css


<div id="newpeople"><div class="marg">

<div class="padd">
$con = $db->query("SELECT * FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "user ORDER BY userid DESC LIMIT 0,5");
while($newusers = $db->fetch_array($con))

$getavatar=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "customavatar WHERE userid='$newusers[userid]'");

} else {

echo "<div class='people'><a href='./member.php?u=$newusers[userid]'><img height='60' width='60' src='$avatar' alt=''><span>$newusers[username]</span></a></div>";



#newpeople {position:absolute; top:785px; left:396px; width:899px; height:110px; background:transparent url(/home/theme/images/bg_newpeople.gif) repeat top left;}

#newpeople .marg {margin:7px 10px 10px 7px;}

#newpeople .padd {position:absolute; top:10px; left:10px; padding:10px 0; background:transparent url(/home/theme/images/bg_roundedtop.gif) no-repeat top left;}

#newpeople .people {margin-bottom:5px;}

#newpeople .people img {padding:5px;}

#newpeople .people a:link, #newpeople .people a:active, #newpeople .people a:visited {color:#EEC201;}

#newpeople .people a:hover {text-decoration:underline;}

#newpeople span {display:block; clear:both;}

Thanks in advance, and thats to whoever helps :thumbsup:

08-06-2010, 09:14 PM
When I click the link it asks for a username and password to access the site.

08-06-2010, 09:23 PM
Oh yea sorry...

Try now...

08-06-2010, 09:35 PM
Add a float: left to the css below.

#newpeople .people {

I would also suggest to not use position, top, left, right and bottom for designing page layouts.