View Full Version : Using jQuery/Coda-slider, div jumps left when using vertical scrollbar to scroll down

08-05-2010, 06:45 PM
Hi all,

I'm not sure where to start in fixing this problem. First off, it only happens in Firefox 3.6, not Safari 5 or IE 7. My page uses a few scripts, jquery1.6.2, jquery.localscroll-1.2.5, jquery.scrollTo-1.3.3, and jquery.serialScroll-1.2.1, and a modified codaSlider script that includes some code for a fade effect that I added. Here's what's happening:

I've created the slider to slide left and right, but some of my content extends below the bottom of the div, so a vertical overflow occurs. If I scroll through the vertical using a scrollwheel on a mouse or my trackpad, it's fine. The div stays centered on the content I want. However, when I click on the vertical bar to scroll the div jumps back to the far left. You can try it out at


to see what I mean.

Any suggestions on where to start looking in my code to fix this are appreciated. Maybe then I can get back with a more specific question.