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08-01-2010, 10:42 AM
guys! I have a problem here,

I'm trying to create a custom image cursor for my php bulletin board and I have got it for the default pointer, but when the mouse rolls over a button, or needs to drag/move a web element, or is in a text box, it changes to the default windows cursors again! so how do I set custom images for those 'sub cursors' in my website?? do I have to do something to the stylesheet, or what?

this is my website to show you the problem, try and move the mouse over the 'post reply' button, or the search box, or the quick reply text box, see how it changes to the default hand or text cursor? I need those to be custom images like the blue cursor.


i didn't add the link bbcode because i didn't know if it's allowed, the site is a test site i'm not trying to spam it it's going to be deleted in a few weeks anyway when i move it. EDIT: looks like it did it automatically lol

p.s. I know the blue cursor is annoying and ugly, it's just a test cursor I'm making fruit-cursors to go with the fruit-theme, but I need to figure out this coding thing first, thanks for your help, I did search on google for 2.5 hours previous to posting this haha, I just couldn't find a code that worked. :mad:

08-01-2010, 12:12 PM
Well I see you've got the style for the cursor applied to the body, but have you also tried to apply the cursor style to other link elements. There are a lot of link styles and I think that the default cursor settings (like a hand for special links or a text cursor for text fields) are overriding the default link settings.

I've worked with custom cursors a lot, but mainly changed the body cursor and the menu link cursors, not all of them. So my first guess would be what I said above. Lemme know if you tried that, if you have and it doesn't work, I can look into my layout files to find out what to change.

08-01-2010, 05:34 PM
First of all thanks for your help!

I guess the problem is I embarrassingly don't know what the other link elements are to apply to. Here is the code I'm using in the overall_header.html:

<style type="text/css">body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur), default;}</style>

so you're proposing to also add this?

<style type="text/css">menu link, a, a:hover {cursor: url(http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur), default;}</style>

or this?

<style type="text/css">link, a, a:hover {cursor: url(http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur), default;}</style>

I'm confused, I don't even know what the other 'link elements' are.. embarrassingly..

08-01-2010, 07:28 PM
I updated my code to this, with the help of another website, but the problem is still the same. Is this the right code now, is there just other .css files overwriting the code? or is it wrong? what to do?

<style type="text/css">
body {cursor: url("http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur"), default;}
a {cursor: url("http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur"), pointer;}
li {cursor: url("http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur"), crosshair;}
p {cursor: url("http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur"), text;}
.class1 {cursor: url("http://www.waitalk.0sites.net/phpBB3/styles/waitalk/theme/cursors/cursor_blue.cur"), move;}