View Full Version : Trying to use sIFR technique but having trouble

07-09-2010, 05:54 PM
Hi all,

Im trying to use sIFR but am getting a headache trying to make it work, I have created this page


were h1.heading is currently replaced by rockwell font but the problem is the other tags on the page have become invisible?

Can anyone offer me some suggestions on how to the sIFR to work properly? Iv looked at loads of tutorials but just cant seem to get it to work

Thanks in advance


07-09-2010, 08:21 PM
Hi kylle

I think it's the css contained in sifr.css and on your page which is setting:

.sIFR-active h1,
.sIFR-active h2,
.sIFR-active h3,
.sIFR-active h4,
.sIFR-active h5#pullquote {
visibility: hidden;
font-family: Verdana;

This isn't a problem for your h1 because that's been sIFRd via sifr-config.js, but the other headings haven't.

I actually find Cufon (http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/) a lot less aggro that sIFR. I can usually get sIFR to work after a lot of messing about. Cufon just works. See here (http://thinkclay.com/technology/cufon-sifr-flir) for a comparison of the pros and cons.

07-09-2010, 09:39 PM
Hey SB,

Yeah durin today iv messed about with cufon, FLIR and sIFR, your right cufon just worked, FLIR wasnt bad and sIFR really takes a bit of messin about, I realised I had left the css in for the h2, h3... which was silly but after spendin so long today messin my brain up with these I didnt realise!