View Full Version : Feedback on fantasy team feature

07-07-2010, 07:38 PM
I recently launched a fantasy games website. Its basically like march madness or fantasy football, but for mlg (major league gaming). It has some simple social networking features along with the main feature of being able to create your own mlg fantasy team. I need help spicing up the fantasy feature and adding in features like the espn fantasy football site has. The only problem is the way the brackets work for mlg it is very hard to be able to mirror the way a fantasy league works. I basically need some help to be able to get some ideas flowing for how I can add in more modern features like auctions for the draft picks, little mini leagues that users create and trades and things like that... I also need some help gaining ideas on how to keep users coming back to the site in between competitions because in mlg there are only like 5 to 8 competitions a year if you exclude the combines. Anyway heres (http://mfantasylg.com) the link to the site and I truly appreciate any help or ideas that you can offer.