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07-04-2010, 03:06 PM
Hi guys i wanted to know what cost would be for a project described below. I dont want any offers to work on the project but i want to know what is the industry standard

1.1. Purpose
The purpose of this document is to outline the basic functinal requirements of e-backyard of the music sharing website

2. Basic Functional Requirements

2.1 E-backyard (Create personalized radio)

The e-backyard will be accessed via a navigation bar on e-front yard. Only registered users can avail e-backyard features after signing in.

a. E-back yard shall bear the following navigations
i. Home
ii. Tune In/Tune Out
iii. My Channel
viii. Singers
ix. Select-a-Song
x. Lyrics
xi. Search
xii. Contact Us

E-backyard will contain pages for:

b. User Registration and Authentication: This process will be similar to user authentication on www.blogger.com.
i. User will be required to provide a few basic details including a valid email address.
ii. User can create multiple alias/accounts/channels using same email address
c. Creating own Channel: After user registration & authentication users can
i. Create & personalize their own channel wherein they would be allowed to upload & manage songs (only Uttarakhandi folk songs shall be permitted), add or edit personal info, add/edit lyrics for songs uploaded by them. No download rights to anyone. (We may need link(s) to mp3 converters for users here).
 Individual user space is not defined right now, but may be defined at a later stage.
 All uploaded songs shall be approved by administrator prior to going live.
ii. Enjoy others’ channels by clicking on other user names; right to add songs from their channel to self channel.
iii. Vote for their best/favorite song (s) from list of available songs (This would be linked to the play list sequence i.e. the song with maximum number of hits goes up the play-list).
iv. Leave comment (s) for song (s).
d. Listen to a specific song: There would be user friendly sub-navigation bars s.t. registered users can filter out & enjoy a particular song. All songs would be searchable/traceable as per the set database structure

user can:
 Play all/selected songs of his/her choice.
 S/he will have the right to rewind/ forward/change the song along with volume control.
 User can also add chosen songs to his/her channel (play list)

iii. Lyrics/ Gaana bol (this would be through filtration; might be drop down menu)
1. Song type: Kumaoni/Garhwali
2. Singer: (Singers of that type: H.S. Rana/N.S.Negi/ etc.)
3. Occasion (Occasions available to chosen singer)
4. Song ( Songs available as per the above filtration criteria)

iv. Search Option: All pages shall bear search option wherein user can simply type any of the word (s) available in our database and songs containing those words/singers shall be made available to the user.

v. Use a song: Users would be permitted to copy & paste HTML code of songs available on our website/database on other networking sites (orkut/facebook etc.) wherein clicking on the songs re-directs the user to our e-radio. Very similar to what we have in youtube.

vi. Invite Friends: Users can invite their friends to join www.bedupako.com with the aid of list of email address in their gmail/yahoo/hotmail/rediffmail accounts.

2.2 Admin Page (Control Panel)
The admin user will be provided with an interface with controls for:
i. Uploading songs/folders
ii. Adding/editing/deleting navigation/sub navigation/sub-sub navigation tabs
iii. User Registration/uploaded song disapproval
iv. Run & export customized reports from the database for e.g. :
a. Daily user registration details
b. Daily Song upload details

07-04-2010, 03:19 PM
It should be something about 150-200$.
I can do it in 100$.