View Full Version : Height 100% problem please help

Jun 29th, 2010, 02:40 AM
Hi I am creating a webpage while its not a huge problem I would like to know how to fix it.

I have a webpage that has the background set to height:100% it works until you scroll down the page it doesnt seem to refresh and will cut off.

I can set to height:auto it works fine however some of the pages dont have a lot of content, so it will cut-off the background at the bottom of the content...maybe half way down the screen.

Does anybody know a fix for this ?

I stripped down 2 pages please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or what I can do to fix it.

sample1 (http://creativestar.co.nz/sample/sample1.htm)

sample2 (http://creativestar.co.nz/sample/sample2.htm)

Both pages are full of empty paragraphs.


Jun 29th, 2010, 04:23 AM
Instead of setting your background to 100%.. have you tried using the repeat function.


background-image: url(images/background.gif);
background-repeat: repeat;