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06-28-2010, 02:20 PM
Hi guys

I wanted to make a login site with below function:
- User register by admin
- User only can access the folder assign by admin
- User only can view the folder content and cannot edit any detail
- Forget password function
- Login with captcha

I hope my site can be done with php and mysql, i'm seeking tutorial for this user management system. Please guide me and help me develop this management system. Looking forward for tutorial and advise.

Thank you

07-07-2010, 11:41 AM

That's a lot to take on for what I take is one of your first large PHP/MySQL projects.

My advice is to break it down into stages and slowly add more features as you build & test each successive step.


User Functions
1. Design the MySQL table fields and relationships
2. Enter placeholder data for working with PHP
4. Develop/test 'forgot password' form
5. Develop/test 'login' form
6. Develop/test 'folder view' page

Admin Functions
1. Develop/test the registration form
2. Develop/test the 'folder assignment' form

In regards to tutorials, here are 3 that cover some the features you've mentioned:

Creating a simple login script with php and mysql (http://www.ineedtutorials.com/code/php/creating-a-simple-login-script-with-php-and-mysql)
Complete advanced login member system PHP tutorial (http://www.ineedtutorials.com/code/php/complete-advanced-login-member-system-php-tutorial)
Complete Members System (http://www.allsyntax.com/tutorials/view.php?id=26&entire=1)

Best of luck to you.