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Jun 22nd, 2010, 05:25 PM
Hi all,

I cannot make the code below work.

I need bgRelatedVideo.png to stay on top of the image (it's a transparent png with some decoration).
And when you do a mouse over the image I need bgRelatedVideoOver.png to show.

None of that is happening, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot

.uvlItemBox a.mini span {background:transparent url(http://www.vivocomtech.net/BBVA/embedsPrensa/epe/images/bgRelatedVideo.png) no-repeat;}
.uvlItemBox a.mini:hover span{background:transparent url(http://www.vivocomtech.net/BBVA/embedsPrensa/epe/images/bgRelatedVideoOver.png) no-repeat; cursor:pointer;}


<div id="playlist">

<div class='uvlItemBox'>
<a class='mini' href="">
<img class='thumbnail' src='http://www.vidzapper.net/live/assets/images/3984_thumb.jpg' width="82" height="62"><span></span>



Jun 22nd, 2010, 05:59 PM
just in case somenone need it: just give position, width, height, top and left and it'll work !