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06-17-2010, 05:12 PM

I want to install Fortumo.com system in my site.

=> Fortumo.com <= (http://fortumo.com)

But I dont know how to use those HTTP GET request... So, can someone explain the script bellow and say what I have to change if I want it working?


//set true if you want to use script for billing reports
//first you need to enable them in your account
$billing_reports_enabled = false;

// check that the request comes from Fortumo server
array('', '', ''))) {
die("Error: Unknown IP");

// check the signature
$secret = ''; // insert your secret between ''
if(!empty($secret) && !check_signature($_GET, $secret)) {
die("Error: Invalid signature");

$sender = $_GET['sender'];
$message = $_GET['message'];

// do something with $sender and $message
$reply = "Thank you $sender for sending $message";

// print out the reply

//customize this according to your needs
&& preg_match("/Failed/i", $_GET['status'])
&& preg_match("/MT/i", $_GET['billing_type'])) {
// find message by $_GET['message_id'] and suspend it

function check_signature($params_array, $secret) {

$str = '';
foreach ($params_array as $k=>$v) {
if($k != 'sig') {
$str .= "$k=$v";
$str .= $secret;
$signature = md5($str);

return ($params_array['sig'] == $signature);

What I want to do is: 1. I write SMS with "HEY secret-code" 2. They will get this message and send me response 3. I will get the response as a PHP variable.

if you need more info - ask...