View Full Version : Expanding all collapsible panels

06-11-2010, 12:22 PM

I created a page which has 12 collapsible panels, each can be opened and closed independently but i would like to have one button on the page that expands all the content, for printability. Below is the section of javascript that relates to the original state of the collapsible panel. When I change the this.contentIsOpen to be true all the panels expand. I would like a way of linking this function to a button.

Spry.Widget.CollapsiblePanel.prototype.init = function(element)
this.element = this.getElement(element);
this.focusElement = null;
this.hoverClass = "CollapsiblePanelTabHover";
this.openClass = "CollapsiblePanelOpen";
this.closedClass = "CollapsiblePanelClosed";
this.focusedClass = "CollapsiblePanelFocused";
this.enableAnimation = true;
this.enableKeyboardNavigation = true;
this.animator = null;
this.hasFocus = false;
this.contentIsOpen = false;

Many thanks