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06-11-2010, 09:38 AM
Hello All,

I seem to be stuck on a page for my site:

The idea was to have a page with a google map and a java-powered custom twitter feed on the page. However, when I got the map embedded, it seems to interfere with the spry navigation menu, and the twitter feed is not working either. I've tried combining commands and tying each script to an event, but I just don't understand enough to get them all to work. I'm a comic artist by trade, so I'm a little new to coding. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

you can find the page here. (http://npccomics.com/cons/)/

Thanks in advance for any help!

06-11-2010, 09:58 AM
I get a JS error “Invalid XML attribute value” and it’s showing me this line: <script src=”http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js”
At first sight it looks like you’re using “curly” quotes for the attribute value instead of straight quotes (which would be the correct character) that could mess up a few things. And then when I look at the code in that area I see this:

<script type="text/javascript">
var MenuBar1 = new Spry.Widget.MenuBar("MenuBar1", {imgDown:"SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarDownHover.gif", imgRight:"SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarRightHover.gif"});
<script src=”http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js”


It looks like you forgot to close the first script element (the Spry script). Maybe fixing these errors will get rid of the issue?

06-15-2010, 08:58 AM
Hi VIPStephan!

Thank you so much for you help; I closed the script tag, and that enabled my dropdown to work again! I'm still having a little trouble with the twitter feed, but i think it has to do with my css, not the java. hopefully, I'll figure it out it a but. thanks again!