View Full Version : Myspace Music DIV Overlay--Issues

Jun 2nd, 2010, 07:18 AM
I've created several Myspace layouts/overlays using this process of coding:

I would say I have a fairly basic understanding of CSS, but combined with having to put things in different sections on Myspace and dealing with how things move on there, I'm somewhat lost.

I'm trying to achieve something very similar to this:

The designer has the layout complete and it has a photo at the top that extends far out beyond the typical Myspace center (where the content is). Here is a small version of what I'm working with (the comments and friends extend below the bottom).
I would like it to line up with the rest of the layout, very much how it is on The Season's. I have the .psd file and can make slices however necessary as well. I am just trying to figure out how to get the top to look similar to the one in the link (for The Season). By this I mean, hiding the maroon nav bar and formatting the links bar (where it says home, mail, profile, friends, etc), and only having the search box show from the maroon nav bar.

I also cannot get the top masthead image (within the main DIV) to align with the very top, instead it begins shortly after where the blue top would end (and turn to white) in a regular Myspace layout.

I've searched for other forms of coding in this way (something more simple--looking at the page source of The Season's layout, it seems so much less jumbled) and have found nothing. If anyone has any other resources for doing a DIV overlay on a Myspace layout, I would be very very grateful, and would be willing to have a layout designed for you if you need one!

I apologize for my nonspecific terminology. I know no one likes dealing with the pain of Myspace, but I appreciate any and all help I can get; I'm at my wits end!