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06-02-2010, 12:48 AM
1) Project Details: There are portions of our customer-quoting process which are pretty systematic, and quite boring/tedious. This sounds like the perfect job for a program :)
It's much more detailed than this (and I'll save those details for a later discussion), but basically, it involves getting the requirements spreadsheets (in CSV format) from our customers, uploading them into a program, and having the program capture pricing from our vendors websites. From there, it will calculate the price that we will quote our customer, and provide it in a quote spreadsheet (in CSV format).

2) Payment Amount: Unknown, but certainly more than $1000.00. I need to go through it with someone and get an estimate.

3) Payment method/ details: Check or credit/debit card. Progress payments can be accommodated.

4) Additional Info: Local programmers would obviously have a leg-up in applying for the job, but all domestic programmers will get serious consideration. Dealing with international time differences is something I would prefer to avoid, but if I'm wowed, nothing is impossible.

I prefer this to largely be in PHP (since that's what I'm most familiar with and would be easiest for me to grow with), but anything which can do the job and run on our webserver will be acceptable.

Lastly, we need a capable programmer who can get this done quickly.
If you do not have some real experience with web-scrapping and CSV file handling, please save your application for one of our later projects.
Time is an issue.

~ Mo
Oregon, USA

06-02-2010, 04:42 PM
Hi. I sent you a Private Message.

I also had a few questions...

What do you see as ongoing support needs / future development?

What is your time frame?