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05-30-2010, 07:57 PM

I have 3 DIV's, using padding-left on my left DIV, and padding-right on my right DIV, then a DIV in the center.
My center and right DIV have a gap between the navigation as I want, but the left one doesn't.
The thing is though, it does on my computer screen (lower resolution) but doesn't on my friends computer screens (higher resolution) - as in there is no gap at all - but there is for the center and right one exactly the same as there is on my screen. I don't understand the error, I was hoping someone on here could help me. Help is really appreciated, in my eyes there is no error - but one is being displayed. (We viewed both of them in Google Chrome *same browser* on each pc screen)
Note that there is no padding-top used on any of them. If I used padding-top on the left one it would look wrong on all computers with my resolution.

Any suggestions as to what I do to make it the same on my screen and my friends? Help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Owen.


If you think you need more code to help me, PLEASE ask!!!!
A big thankyou to any form of help. Owen.


I just needed to add a <br> after the navigation just before where the error occurred. If you have this problem, try adding a <br> before the DIV starts.