View Full Version : Can someone help me with my menu bug in IE?

05-25-2010, 02:02 AM
hi all

i use a mac, an my version of IE on vmware has never been very stable. if you look at this page on IE8 or 7 (not bothering with IE6..) you can see, compared to firefox (correct alignment) that the menu is aligned wrong - too far down, on this page:


i think it *may* be something to do with the way ive embedded the flash but im really not sure, and because i cant see it properly anyway (i asked a friend to test) im finding it a real struggle to fix it.

can anyone tell me how to overcome this? either with better code or an ie stylesheet fix?

thankyou :)

06-02-2010, 08:08 AM
Maybe you've fixed it by now...:

I'm getting FF and IE8 with similar alignment, where the three menu buttons are below the circular logos that travel horizontally.

In Chrome, the buttons cut off the bottom of the circular logos.

Not sure what others think, but to me the flash is quite distracting, in that it operates both independently as well as in response to mouseovers.