View Full Version : xml.Send Need Help!

Jul 14th, 2002, 08:06 PM
How do I pass this into
CardNo = Request.Form("strCcNumber")

this one is hard coded for testing-------------------
xml.Send "ePNAccount=060&CardNo=46358&ExpMonth=02&ExpYear=05" & _ "&Total=.99&Address=401 North Alma School&Zip=85224&HTML=No"

this is an example of what I kinda want to do just cannot get proper syntax:------------------------------------------
xml.Send "ePNAccount=060&CardNo=& request.form("CardNo")&ExpMonth=02&ExpYear=05" & _ "&Total=.99&Address=401 North Alma School&Zip=85224&HTML=No"

I know how to on response.write, but not xml.send

Any suggestions?:confused: