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04-04-2010, 07:42 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am a bit new here and I am looking for some help. I have an online, multiplayer, web based game that was given to me and I want to run and host it on my system. The problem is that this is beyond my skills and I need some help, quit a bit of help actually. What I am looking for is an estimate of the time it would take them. So first let me tell you a little bit of what I want to do:

The game code has two applications, a client and a server. The server is written in C, contains all the logic and has no interface at all except for writing logs. The client is written in Java and runs on the computer of every player. All it does is connects to the server and receives commands about what to display.

The game was originally created and ran on a RedHat Linux 7.1 system. The server that I want to run the game on has Windows XP Pro installed on it. Since Windows in not POSIX compliant I know that a separate application would need to be installed.

I suspect I will also need: a C compiler & a web server (I would like to use Xampp) to host the site and download the client. I can take care of the web server stuff, I just need to get the game working.

I was also told that I would probably need to learn a non-gui text editor such as "Vim" but something like “nano” would work also. I know nothing about these programs, but that is why I am looking for help.

Here are the instructions that were given to me to setup the game, but I need some help as I just don’t understand it all.

1) Requirements:

A C compiler (The previous person used gcc)
An http server with a cgi directory enabled (The previous person used Apache)
Perl with an MD5 module
Properly configured sendmail so users can receive confirmation codes.
A open port so clients can connect. 43302 is currently used.
Some disk space, depending on your logging wishes.

2) Compile the server daemon.

The source code will be found in phantasia/src. You will first need to
modify all the directory paths in pathnames.h to match your installation. You may also want to modify what is logged by commenting/uncommenting the
define statements in include.h. When ready, if you're lucky, you can compile
the server daemon with the command "make".

3) Put up the web pages.

All Phantasia web pages are in the public_html directory. Most are static
web pages, although there are a few cgi perl scripts in public_html/cgi-bin.
Set up your server so these can be accessed via a remote web browser. As a
note, java applets are only permitted to initiate a connection back to the
system they were loaded from, therefore, the server daemon must be running
on the same system the applet is loaded from.

Be careful of the cgi scripts. They send read a number from conf/cookie to
send to new players so they can be identified. If the script can not access
this file or does not have permissions to modify it, each player will be sent
the same identification number causing them all to be banned if one is.

4) Start the Phantasia server.

You should just be able to run the compiled program from step 2. Problems are
either logged to stdout or the error log file. Watch for problems in both

5) See if one of the clients can connect.

Open the web pages from a remove machine and open the game. If all goes well,
there should be a connection. If the client hangs or gives a message about
a null connection, then more tweaking needs to be done on the configuration.
I may have the time to answer a question or two, but do not ask me to
troubleshoot your installation.

6) Automate the server tasks.

Phantasia 4 is not stable and will crash due to the number of threads the game
spawns. As a workaround, I have included scripts to restart the game. The
conf/rc.phant script will check to see if a game is running and restart it if
it is not. Make sure you set the internal paths of this script. crontab.stuff
will run rc.phant every 15 minutes as well as call a logrotate job at 2am every

Tell me what you think. If you feel that you could help me to configure and set this up for me via remote desktop please let me know. All input is welcome.

Thank you,

04-05-2010, 04:57 PM
How much are you paying?

04-05-2010, 05:58 PM
How much are you paying?

It's in the 'request quote' section. :D

04-05-2010, 08:24 PM
It's in the 'request quote' section. :D

OK let me rephrase that: What is your budget for this project?

04-06-2010, 06:57 AM
To be honest I really don't know because I don't know how long it would take or how involved it is. From what I can see $50. The code is already written, all I need it someone who knows more than me to set it up. Fumigator, do you think you can do this? Any ideas on how long it would take? Do you need any more information from me to tell?

Please let me know.


04-06-2010, 07:06 AM
Let me also ask, is something like this even able to run on a Windows machine or am I forced to use a Linux based system?

Kyle B
05-19-2015, 02:46 AM
Sorry to gravedig an old thread. But Rick-O-Shay. I am sending you a PM and hopefully it goes to your email. I run Phantasia4, and all my old P4 clones. If you still want to boot the game. I will help you.