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04-03-2010, 05:09 PM
A friend wrote a small newsletter app for me that has worked great. One problem is that e-mails that bounce back due to a bad address get dumped into a general mailbox that has a very brief window before those bounces are dumped. I need them so I can update, delete, etc. those records in my database. Per my hosting site tech support people, they said the app needs to direct bounces to a specific e-mail account. I set it up and we plugged that code in, yet it still goes to the wrong locale. My friend may have missed something but he doesn't recognize what the error might be. The Reply-to function works fine and he pulled both pieces of code from the same on-line library. Please help with suggested changes to the code. Here is what is there now (I've double checked that there are no typos in the e-mail addressese in the code):

'Reply-to' =>'Jon1 <jwwwww@wwwwwww.com>',
'Errors-to' =>'JW Bounce <jwwwww@wwwwvxc.net>',

The errors ARE supposed to go to a different e-mail address.