View Full Version : Lastupdated on a Page for another Page/file <iframe> to display?

Apr 1st, 2010, 06:19 PM
Hi - here is a brief summary of the situation, any help gratefully received:

I am helping out a charity, they are hosted on a server that does not have server-side ability, or I'd have used cgi-bin and an <...INCLUDE VIRTUAL...> statement.

Their 'news.htm' page is a 'nightmare' to put it nicely! I have sorted out all of the duplicated CSS/HTML tagging and it now looks pretty good. As the main page contains quite a bit of JavaScript code to change the background image on a specific day/month/year and provide a customised link/message for that date, I need to protect the code from being over-written/messed-up by their contributors, who provide the 'copy' for the news page.

Still with me? (thanks!), I have created a page that contains all of the JavaScript code (news.htm) and then used <iframe> to display their 'content' page (content.htm). I have created the necessary CSS files to make this new display system seamless to the end user & visitors to the site.

Next, we need to display the 'lastupdate' of the 'content.htm' page - not the news.htm page, displaying & handling the JavaScript. So my question is this - is there a way to display 'Page last updated on: DD MMM YYYY' where DD MM YYYY is the modified date of 'content.htm' which is contained in the <iframe>?



Apr 3rd, 2010, 02:20 AM
As far as I know, <lastupdate> tag is in XML, not HTML. The only way that I know of adding a "last update" content thing is if you update the page itself through an IDE or PHP script that automatically adds that content. Otherwise, the only solution I see is to add it manually... A drag, I know.. but that's all I can think to say.. Unless you switched the news site to XML and made it an RSS feed or something.. That generally helps. Check out 'feedburner,' or maybe blogger. I even think that twitter supports RSS, but that's if they're into that kind of narcisistic social communications.