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03-31-2010, 05:08 AM
Ok so I named this file pagination.php and I include it everytime I paginate my data. IT works but the thing I worry about is the URL.

Take this:

<div id='thebox' style='clear:both;'>
<div class='boxtitle'>Pages</div>
<div class='boxwrap'>

echo "<ul class='pagination'>";
// range of num links to show
$range = 6;
// if not on page 1, don't show back links
if ($currentpage > 1) {
// show << link to go back to page 1
echo "<li class='next'><a href='&currentpage=1' title='Go to first page'>&laquo; First</a></li>";
// get previous page num
$prevpage = $currentpage - 1;
// show < link to go back to 1 page
echo "<li class='next'><a href='&currentpage=$prevpage' title='Go to previous page'>&laquo; Prev</a></li>";
// show << link to go back to page 1
echo "<li class='previous-off'> First</li>";
// get previous page num
$prevpage = $currentpage - 1;
// show < link to go back to 1 page
echo "<li class='previous-off'> Prev</li>";
} // end if
// loop to show links to range of pages around current page
for ($x = (($currentpage - $range) - 1); $x < (($currentpage + $range) + 1); $x++) {
// if it's a valid page number...
if (($x > 0) && ($x <= $totalpages)) {
// if we're on current page...
if ($x == $currentpage) {
// 'highlight' it but don't make a link
echo "<li class='active'>$x</li>";
// if not current page...
} else {
// make it a link
echo "<li><a href='&currentpage=$x'>$x</a></li>";
} // end else
} // end if
} // end for
// if not on last page, show forward and last page links
if ($currentpage != $totalpages) {
// get next page

$nextpage = $currentpage + 1;
// echo forward link for next page
echo "<li class='next'><a href='&currentpage=$nextpage' title='Go to the next page'>Next &raquo;</a></li>";
// echo forward link for lastpage
echo "<li class='next'><a href='&currentpage=$totalpages' title='Go to last page'>Last &raquo;</a></li>";
echo "<li class='previous-off'>Next &raquo;</li>";
// echo forward link for lastpage
echo "<li class='previous-off'>Last &raquo;</li>";

echo "</ul> ";

<div style='clear:both;'></div>

Now let's say I stick it in leaderboards.php... I Then I go to my case of leaderboards.php?act=monthly... well in the links below... my url goes to... http://site.com/leaderboards.php?currentpage=2 which will give me a 404 error.... So I how do I make it so the links point to do cases as well such as http://site.com/leaderboards.php?act=monthly&currentpage=2