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05-01-2003, 07:03 PM
I'm working on a website that needs interactivity in a way that visiters can add there own comments on the bottom of an article. I've seen this done a couple of times, but so far I only know they use a combination of javascript and php without use of a database. The database isn't needed because when a visiter adds his/her comments the tekst is automaticly converted to html.

Can anyone please help me find out how to get this feature into my website?

Are there any tutorials on this subject out there?

Or are there programs that makes this easier?



P.s. If you don't know what I mean you can look at this website (it is in Dutch, but I think you get the idea, just open one of the articles) http://www.meervrijheid.nl

05-01-2003, 09:16 PM
You'll need a serverside language then pop over to http://www.hotscripts.com and pick out something for the language you want to use.

05-02-2003, 08:28 AM
If it's PHP you're looking for you could also try Weberdev.com (http://www.weberdev.com/); you'll have to sign up (for free...), but they feature tons of examples, tutorials etc. I'm pretty sure that'll help you along.

05-05-2003, 06:49 PM
Thanks for the links, but after a long search I still can't find anyway to get this done. On hotscripts there was mention of a script called "Post-Its" that might be just what I need, but the links was expired.

Does anyone know of this script and/or know of another way to accomplice this feature, please help.

Most scripts I can find are for guestbooks or forums, but not about a way to add comments into the same page as the article is in. They all create/use a defined page for all the comments.

05-06-2003, 01:04 AM
Your best bet would be to learn a server-side language (PHP (http://www.php.net)) and a databse (MySQL (http://www.mysql.com)). That way you can make your own script and have knowledge enough to create any future endeavors.

Alternativley you could always learn just enough of php and mysql to get you started and then modify some scripts that you find which allow you to do something close to what you want.

I also found a few scripts that might be of intrest:


05-06-2003, 01:25 AM
You're probably right pardicity3, thanks for the scripts !